characters and cats are friends, not pets






Made me cringe

Nice Guy Gamer

Friendly reminder to avoid any dude who proudly describes themselves as a “gamer.”

I am so sorry women have to go through this shit.

this is too real

This video is actually about me.

I wish someone would do all of Shameless, line by line, in gifs. Anyone want to take on this project?


Destroy Everything
Jolie Ruin
was jenna going to die from the start? like, was her character created with her death in mind? alternatively, have/would you written/write something small about jenna/more about her backstory? jenna was bae tbh

Nope, I didn’t entirely plan it. It made itself clear to me while I was writing the first draft. It’s sort of like college spring break in my head; I never know what’s going to happen or who’s going to get killed.

But I do wish people would stop using the word bae to describe things. It comes from the Danish “bæ” which means poop. ;)



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From my upcoming MG, out next fall…

I like how this doesn’t make me feel lonely :)



From my upcoming MG, out next fall…

I like how this doesn’t make me feel lonely :)

Do you read reader reviews of your book? (good, bad, or good and bad?) I know some ARCs are given in exchange for an honest review, and i was wondering if you were interested in those reviews when people post them.

Not really. Those reviews are really to get readers talking about the book, and possibly for publishers to find out what people are saying so they have an idea of how it will be received when it’s published. But authors don’t read them for feedback on their writing.

We’re all just a cartoon coyote in a canyon, hoping the ACME anvil doesn’t fall on our head.

Me: I’m going to make pumpkin bread. You want some?

Mom: No I really need to lose weight. Let me know if you make pumpkin pie.

I don’t understand all this fascination about living on another planet when we’re not even finished wrecking this one yet.